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Certified Quality Products


The selection of the raw materials with which all our dishes are made is one of the key processes in Lucy’s Burger & Tapas.

Coming from different regions of the planet, we only choose the products that meet our strict quality parameters..

We make sure that all the animals from which our meat comes live in the best conditions and their diet is carefully taken care of. Only fresh products selected with the utmost rigor enter our kitchen.


Purebred Burgalese Wagyu meat

Fed with 100% natural products and organic wine.

Their feed:

They enjoy an exclusively natural feed, completely lacking any additives, and they are provided with organic wine that makes their meat one of the most exclusive in the world, delicious and especially healthy for human consumption

Their pasture:

Our Wagyus live in farms surrounded by wide natural spaces with more than a hundred square meters for each animal. The installations are designed to guarantee the highest well-being and comfort for the animal and they have background music and biodegradable beds.

In Lucy’s Burger & Tapas…

You can enjoy authentic Wagyu meat in a steak tartare or a carpaccio, a tender and juicy sirloin, an entrecote or an exclusive burger.

Galician Veal D. O./span>

Fed with maternal milk and in symbiosis with the environment.

Their feed:

Their feed is based on breastfeeding, kept almost until their sacrifice and complimented by fodder, cereals, turnips and potatoes of the highest quality.

Their pasture:

Our calves are raised in small family farms, together with their mothers in a special mother-calf-environment symbiosis and under the supervision of experienced farmers who use their own resources and take special care of each animal.

In Lucy’s Burger & Tapas…

You’ll enjoy the delicious Galician veal in a tartare or carpaccio, a sirloin or an entrecote or in two of our exquisite hamburgers.

Angus Argentinian Veal

From the vast Pampa regions.

Their feed:

100% based on the existing vegetation in the Pampa region, a mainly flat area of deep soil with a high content of organic matter and naturally covered by pastures.

Their pasture:

The Argentinian beef cattle from which our meat comes pastures freely in the vast Pampa regions, where it tones up its muscles and reduces saturated fats and cholesterol.

In Lucy’s Burger & Tapas:

You can enjoy it in our empanadas, in a tasty steak tartare, in a carpaccio or as a tender sirloin, entrecote or a delicious gourmet burger.

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